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Each performer on opposite sides of the glass, holding one half of a cut apple pressed together. Start in standing position.

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Show Off

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Super Hero

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some of all the things I'd like to do

1) Golden Gate Bridge Quick Change:
Dress as a runner or someone who would be assumed to occupy this space. While running across the bridge undress and change , so that by the end of the bridge I have completed my transformation into my performance self. This means while running I:
-Let hair down to reveal new style
-apply lipstick, etc.
-maintain enough discretion so as not to call un-needed attention, i.e. full nudity will not happen, ideally layers will be removed to reveal other layers
-final change that will complete transformation is emergence of feather duster.
Transition will be gradual enough that it can be timed with the duration of the bridge- so it can begin fully costumed and end fully revealed.

one rule: there will be no test runs or practice

2) You do my art, I'll do yours
I will make a performance or drawing or something in your style, as much as I am capable, and you will do the same. Obviously some things will be revealed as to how we sum up or read each others art. One potential problem for this type of piece: I see there is a potential in this for hurt feelings...Hopefully we can avoid this... sensitivities as far as how we "make" each others art. Or maybe that's part of it. I think we can have fun....

3) A day of unexpected, spontaneous, performances.
-Taking turns...but space in between for "normal" we surprise even each other
-A visual signifier that the performances has begun or has ended.
-Documentation if it happens in time

4) Gesture Drawing
Going to a figure drawing class, preferably one outside SFAI so as not to be recognized or associated with any type of behavior that students from our school would recognize or associate my presence with. Perhaps the Academy? I think I have an in. Dress as a traditional version of a performer...I was think tap dancer? And draw.

Big Risk and Big Money

Buy all the ad space in all newspapers nationwide for one day and leave them blank.

Learn to sew clothes, create outfit for exotic dancer who enters sf MoMA and strips through the museum leaving my art behind.....

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For Peter

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Dusting the Golden Gate Bridge.

schedule of performance

9am - until finished